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Stephen Moyer Shirtless on Jan Web Series

The manwhores of “True Blood” sure knows how to keep themselves busy outside the series – Stephen Moyer is no exception. If you’re wondering what Beehl was doing – feast your eyes on the towelicious caps from “Jan” web series capped by Superherofan. I say this all the time but I’m going to say it anyway – I just wish he goes one number down on his trimmer – because this one has the potential to be glorious if left untamed. Also, they better de-shirt Chris Meloni at every opportunity they can get this season or else.

Stephen Moyer Shirtless on Jan Web Series

Stephen Moyer Shirtless on Jan Web Series

Stephen Moyer Shirtless on Jan Web Series

Stephen Moyer Shirtless on Jan Web Series

  • rodthehorny


  • Bro

    Yes! Can’t wait for the gayest show on TV that’s not Glee to return.
    And I am with you about Meloni, Square. Anything less than gratuitous nudity from Meloni would be a crime.

  • Mckey

    It’s like they(True Blood whores)are competing who’s the whoriest of them all!So far Joe Manganiello is taking the lead but I’m sure the others are right behind him!Just like you,I also can’t wait for Christopher Meloni.He will make them look like they’re all his bitches!Lol!

  • arkcub

    Love True Blood, but Stephen Moyer does NOTHING for me, even with the fur he sports. And Manganiello is definitely hot but for a werewolf, he’s oddly missing some man-pelt. : ) Give me Jim Parrack (Hoyt Fortenberry) ANY day!

  • Alex G

    Oh agreed! Jim Parrack is definitely my man of choice on TB, however Stephen Moyer shirtless is what peeked my interest season 1 to begin with. He will always have a special place in my libido.

  • I’ll take him!

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