I Try to be Naked As Much As I Can, Says the Manwhore’s Manwhore

In other news, bears shit in the woods. Number one, Joe Manganiello needs to continue to strive to be naked as much as possible while the iron’s hot. By naked I really mean NAKED. You know, REAL ass, REAL penis – the whole shebang. Number two, kudos to the interviewer for keeping his libido in control – for a second I thought he’s going to jump and climb on that beast there and then. Finally, why is he wearing a piece of clothing in this interview? I don’t understand. Who set this up? These people!

  • JT

    Oh, but such unfortunate hair…

  • Ryan

    @JT It’s the lack of hair that keeps him from being attractive to me.

    He seems to be a nice guy, not totally up himself.

  • Bro

    so, some lucky bitches got to see Joe Manganiello full frontal in a play? jealous!

  • Mckey

    @Ryan “Not totally up himself?!”Are you fucking kidding me?!He just said above that he wants to show his ass and penis to the world!!This whore is beyond self-absorbed!Don’t get me wrong,I’ll definately fuck him but I won’t get into a relationship with him!Shameless is not even a word to describe this man!

  • Huck

    There is one word to describe him: actor.

    But, let’s give him credit for his involvement with gay rights activism. And now I must get back into watching “True Blood.”

  • Mike

    Geez – what TV program is this interview from, “The Big Gay Stereotype Show” ?

    Poor Joe. I apologize, sir, for gay men everywhere. Or for those who agree with my opinion at least.

  • lordy

    his tongue…i can imagine it doing things that would make me squirm with pleasure

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