If Your Eyes Are Starving for Beauty

It is a fact of life that my ass rarely posted fitness model types with smooth waxy chests on this site. You know, beautiful male specimens who are too bulky for fashion, too dignified for porn. This particular model however does something to me, perhaps because of his damn piercing eyes or the fact that he’s actually in the army (as opposed to you know, a full time gym bunny). Definitely not because of those tats or crazy veins for sure. Derron Matthew McLaury is captured to perfection here by photographer Luis Rafael. Don’t worry, I’m still on team hairy whatever happens.

Derron Matthew McLaury Shirtless

Derron Matthew McLaury Shirtless

Derron Matthew McLaury Shirtless

Derron Matthew McLaury Shirtless

  • sparks

    He has a handsome face. I’ll admit, though, he’s a bit more muscle-developed than I like ’em… except when they’re unshaved, in which case I don’t mind a little more bulk.

    It is almost comically ironic that so many models shave their chests while trying to maintain some amount of scruff on their faces.

  • Mark

    @sparks EXACTLY!!Look at this guy,his whole body is smooth except for his face and armpits!That is so stupid!Most straight guys and closeted gays are so afraid to shave their pits because they’re so afraid to labelled as gay but they’re not afraid to shave their pecs and balls!Yeah that is not gay at all!SO FUCKED UP!!

  • Eric26

    I do wish people could comment on a picture of someone without going in to their incredibly boring opinion of what a “real” man is. If you don’t like smooth men, shut the fuck up. If you don’t like hairy men, shut the fuck up. If you have a positive comment, write it. If you have a negative comment, shut the fuck up.

  • Reese

    He’s handsome yes, but the two north arrows on his shoulder blades are too pretentious for me. Are the north arrows supposed to mean something or are they there so we know which end is up?

  • Johnny

    a beautiful body taken down quite a few notches by excessive, bad ink…

  • Jaime


    And I so needed to know your own opinion on how others express their opinions? Why dont you take your own advice and shut the fuck up. This isn’t Grandma’s tea party where everyone is obligated to say wholesome things about eachother; this is the internet. 9/10’s of articles on SH either praise the amount of hair on a man’s chest or bemoan the lack. I suppose they should all shut the fuck up too? We should be able to express our own opinions as freely as you express yours. Fucking deal with it.

    At the risk of sounding “incredibly boring”, I for many cannot stand a smooth chest, and shiny balls make me barf. I wonder how Eric likes it zzzzzzzzzzzzz….

  • David

    I didn’t know the army made them so beautiful. I’m more of a navy/marine fan.

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