Max Thieriot in Chloe

Max Thieriot Shirtless in Chloe

If your taste in men swings towards an overgrown cherub with next door boy body – look no further because Max Thieriot is just that. With all these manwhores in Hollywood working their way up the slut ladder, it’s refreshing to see someone who doesn’t really rely on pumping irons at the gym to get decent roles. You might have remembered Max as young Hayden Christensen in “Jumper”, but here he is in the same bloody underwear throughout erotic thriller “Chloe”. With “House At The End Of The Street” looming around the corner, no doubt he’ll get more and more exposure. I’d say a good few years will will work wonders on him.

Max Thieriot Shirtless in Chloe

Max Thieriot Shirtless in Chloe

Max Thieriot Shirtless in Chloe

  • Mark

    You’re absolutely right Square!His body is the body of how tenage or early 20’s boys should look!Very young and natural looking physique.It was common to see this body type in the 50s,60s,70s and 80s but nowadays it’s very rare!

  • Edmond

    Reminds me of Brad Renfro.

  • Ron

    Those eyes! That scruff!

  • Eric

    For me he just looks a little too boy-ish in those shirtless scenes. I think if he had the scruff/beard as he did in the last couple pictures, he would look like boy-ish. Although, he does look hot in those boxer briefs. And just looking at the last couple pictures, you definitely cannot deny his sexiness! He looks good with facial hair!

  • Jamie

    Cutie. The scruff is a nice touch in the last pics.

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    He looks like an absolutely gorgeous 14 year-old. I could go to jail for my thoughts alone. Give him my number and have him call me in 15 years.

  • Milton

    Max IS legal now, so enjoy everyone! I too love the boxer pics. He’s young enough to pull off the scruff right now, too.

  • Romina

    He is SO hot, it hurts!

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