More Australian Beef on Offer

Not to be outdone by the God of Thunder, Hugh Jackman is showing them bitches how it’s done with these shots in Barcelona via Socialite Life. Don’t hate on me but although I used to drool excessively over this fine Australian piece of manbeef (especially in “Swordfish“), lately he doesn’t seem to excite me that much. Blame it on my lazy libido. I’d climb like Mount Kilimanjaro anyway.

  • David

    Sorry Square….usually I agree with most everything you say but not this time….Hugh Jackman is so freaking HOT that it would be an honor to lick the sweat off of those glorious hairy pecs of his….WOW, someone hand me a towel I think I need to go and take an extra long hot shower this morning….LOL….YOUR awsome Square….don’t ever change. 🙂

  • Matt

    Hugh has one thing that most hunks don’t have that much and that is he has a very pretty face!But there is one part that is too small for my taste and that is his nipples!They are too small for a hunky man!

  • WOW – I never realized what a hunk of man Hugh is!!! OMG love his chest & arms!!!! Thanks Square!!!!

  • Autechre

    It’s uncanny how much he looks like a buffed-up version of Richard Armitage on those pics.

  • Autechre

    I meant “beefed-up”. Or simply buff.

  • Bro

    Hugh is one of the hottest guys on the planet, no question.
    Ten times hotter than that Thor guy.

  • bo_s

    He’s the god of sex!

  • Acer

    Still looks incredibly hot as he’s getting older but seems less furry than when he was younger – wondering if he’s having some “manscaping” done, if so too bad

  • Robert E

    Incredibly hot, incredibly talented, incredibly smart, incredibly
    nice person (I read and hear), exceptionally GLBT supportive
    and friendly, and a man who can easily wear the mantle of role
    model with ease. Hail to thee Hugh, may we aspire to be better
    men like you.

  • Eric

    Why don’t all men look like this? He is just so beyond sexy! His chest hair is absolutely amazing! Love it! The only complaint I have are his nipples. For someone of his size, I’d expect bigger nipples. But he still takes the top spot as the sexiest man in Hollywood, in my opinion.

  • Optilux

    He is just gorgeous. I would kiss him for hours…

    Only thing I regret is that he is too buff now. Maybe it’s for wolverine but I prefer him a few years back. He was perfect in Operation swordfish!!

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  • mike

    is he a gay?

  • Phil

    Some serious female nudity on the first pic… :/

  • leo sousa

    love to lick his entire body hugh jackman is the perfect man

  • Servonut

    @Phil Hey, he’s being kind enough to expose some of that glorious skin which we’re fortunate to be witnessing, its only fair he should have some eye-candy of his own. I’ve never been more jealous of anyone more than I am of the folks lucky enough to have been on the beach with him that day.

  • rodthehorny

    Damn!!! He should be wearing a speedo rather than that shorts :/ And btw he looks more beefier and hotter on this pics, makes him more yummier.

  • DoverDavid

    In the Middle = Me
    To My Right = Hugh Jackman
    To My Left = Scott Caan

    Rotate every 30 minutes or as needed, face up or down is optional.

  • lordy


  • HugybearMD

    Heaven…. Hugh sitting on my face, getting real horny, then singing to me…….. the wife is so lucky…..

  • Jasper

    I’ve loved this handsome incredibly sexy stud from the first moment I set eyes on his stunningly warm eyes, sexy crooked lips, and smile. I melted faster than an M&M in a furnace and another part got as stiff as a steel beam.

    @Square – take two somethings, maybe Quaaludes, and gaze upon his studliness in the morning. Maybe you’re just getting hot handsome hairy overload from working this blessing of a site.

    I totally agree with HornyRod – Jackman needs to don a speedo – light-colored (so we can see the curved and hills easily) or a patterned one that accents the crotch & ass.

    DoverDavid – your sandwich recipe is good, but why stop there? I’d make it a full taco wrap by adding Alex O’Loughlin, Daniel Dae Kim and Ian Anthony Dale.

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