Our Prayers Answered on True Blood

Christopher Meloni Shirtless in True Blood

The moment we all have been waiting for has finally arrived. The DELF (E is for everyone) has appeared sans shirt for the first time in last night’s episode of “True Blood” – and although it was brief, this is definitely a sampler of things to come. You know, the hors d’oeuvres of a massive banquet. This is another body of a 51 year old we all want and need. If the HBO minions didn’t exploit Chris Meloni like they did in “Oz”, I will be VERY disappointed. These are capped by the fab Superherofan, because if it ain’t broke why fix it right?

Christopher Meloni Shirtless in True Blood

Shirtless Hunks in True Blood

Shirtless Hunks in True Blood

Shirtless Hunks in True Blood

Shirtless Hunks in True Blood

  • Ryan Gannon

    How has Chris Meloni kept such an awesome bod after all these years?

  • szoszo

    oh ive been waiting for this since the moment i found out he went back to hbo. what long, torturous months these have been.

  • joe

    When he was undoing his cuffs, and loosening the tie.
    I broken out in a cold sweat. Pls baby jesus.
    pls take off the shirt!
    I agree with Ryan, How can a man like that keep his hot
    sexy body like that all these years!
    What a hot handsome man.

  • Christopher

    i agree every 51 year old should have such a body. but
    and there’s always a but. i don’t forsee the producers of
    TRUE BLOOD exploiting Christopher M. anymore than
    the producers of OZ did. the only thing that could top
    Christopher M.’s appearances on OZ would be actual
    porn. 🙂

  • Matt

    @Christopher You’re totally right about Oz.Not even True Blood can top that show!He used to have a decent manboobs.Where have they gone?!Only God knows.Anyway,he is a beautiful man and it’s a great pleasure to watch him on tv again.

  • Sammy

    Thank you – hottest man on the show BY FAR.

  • Jim

    Great episode but “Pam” got the best line: “Go back to dry-humping each other and buying my overpriced drinks or get the F*CK out!” HA!

  • Ryan Gannon

    The pictures here thought don’t show off how huge his arms are. I just want him all over me.

  • bcooper

    meloni + me = ecstasy

  • lordy

    such a hot dilf (over and over)

  • rodthehorny

    i am sure chris meloni can do better than that but still I am SATISFIED!

  • Mike

    Would love to see Meloni and Skaarsgard get it on, hot and heavy, with Alex topping Chris! Now that would be a True Blood I’d tune in to see for sure!

  • badboy

    hope True blood would be real smart and have Chris swinging that fat meat around like he did on OZ i am sure he is willing.

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