Recovering Depilatic

It’s nice to know Shayne Ward is recovering nicely after this mess. You can watch him shake his pecs in “Rock of Ages” in Shaftesbury Theatre if you’re in London. Shayne has this unwittingly vain quality which I find strangely cute. Douchey, but cute.

Shayne Ward Shirtless on Twitter

Shayne Ward Shirtless on Twitter

I mean, this picture posted on his Twitter has this caption.

Shayne Ward on Twitter

Someone asked for a pic of me today. Sorry it’s nothing glamorous. Just me chilling before show.

I see he entertains requests…

  • Arthur

    Would be so much cuter with no tattos and more hair on the chest!

  • Mark

    He must be at least bisexual!I don’t know why but I just don’t see him as a 100% straight kinda guy.

  • Craig E

    @Mark He is actually straight, he just loves singing and acting is the only way he’s able to be successful, in terms of his career. Plus, he’s not scared of being metrosexual, where he never used to be.

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