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I’m getting a serious case of deja vu with this shot. Is it like one of the standard pit shots in the male photography manual? Here’s British soap actor Danny Young featuring all of his furry glory in high definition. When it comes to showcasing one self, Danny never disappointst. Not exactly sure what’s this shoot is for, but DOES IT MATTER? You see, the competition for furry hunks in the UK is fierce and you always have to be one step ahead. The only thing to do is above. Just hope you have a screen big enough for it.

Danny Young Shirtless

Danny Young Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    Eh shaver, trimmer go home.

  • Mckey

    Those nipples look like they’ve been sucked a lot of times!Lol!

  • Eric

    @Mckey: hahaha Yesss, they really do. But I mean who wouldn’t want to suck those nipples? I know I would! lol

  • Jasper

    Agreed! That landscape left to nature would be SO sexy. That stubble would make nibbling on those nipples uncomfortable. What idiot is making such bad decisions, telling these men to mutilate themselves??? The profile shot gives a glimpse of what appears to be a very pretty, sweet rump – makes me very sorry he didn’t roll over in the shot of him in the sheets and show those round mounds and that beautiful valley they create. There’s a crater in there that I’d very much like to explore. Opps – sorry if I let my imagination go too far. : o

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