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With all this shirtlessness coming at you left right and centre, let’s give your crotch a short break that it deserves. Let’s try, anyway. This post doesn’t have any kind of skin but it has Alexander Skarsgard in what looks like the outfit from your imaginary wedding with him on many nights holding an adorable baby lamb in Bullett Magazine. Not sure if it beats this fluffy pussy but this is the kind of imagery that should grace your computer’s desktop at the office. It’s cute, boss-friendly but still manages to ruin your panties when you want it to.

Alexander Skarsgard with Baby Lamb in Bullett Magazine

Alexander Skarsgard in Bullett Magazine

Alexander Skarsgard in Bullett Magazine

  • Rupertbare

    Alexander, you can do me anytime, any hole!!!!!

  • Mark

    So beautiful but please don’t ever act in a movie like Magic Mike in the future!You are sexy and a good actor so there’s no reason to be a glorified manwhore in Hollywood!

  • Chris

    @mark…yes because appearing in a piece of crap like Battleship, and getting naked weekly on True Blood is so much classier than appearing in Magic Mike.

    We get it, you don’t like the thought of Magic Mike, but why do you bring your opinion about it into posts that have NOTHING to do with it?

  • Mark

    @Chris aka Manwhore Worshipper It is classier because True Blood has one of the best storylines on tv right now!Eventhough sometimes the naked scenes were inappropriate people just let it go because True Blood is just that great!I’m pretty sure Magic Mike is not gonna be known because of its storyline but more of the manwhore actors in it!I fucking hate that movie because of too much of cheap publicities for a shitty movie!Oh and I also hate manwhore actors who would do anything for money and fame!

  • Brad

    ^Rofl, Joe Manganiello is from True Blood and you calll Magic Mike a cast of manwhores.. ok then.

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