Sam Trammell and The Usual Suspects in True Blood (with Chris Bauer!)

Sam Trammell Shirtless in True Blood

Over the years, I have developed a personal relationship with Sam Merlotte’s hairy chesticles. They’re meaty, hairy and absolutely lickable. The fifth season premiere of “True Blood” last Sunday did not disappoint and I’m glad they have decided to cram in skin scenes from the usual suspects – Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten and Alexander Skarsgard. Hell, they have even thrown in an equally delicious Chris Bauer scene too (let’s hope this will be a common occurrence). Enjoy!

Sam Trammell Shirtless in True Blood

Alexander Skarsgard Shirtless in True Blood

Chris Bauer in True Blood

Chris Bauer in True Blood

Ryan Kwanten in True Blood

  • inyones

    the produccer and writers of this series know that Sam Trammell is the best chest in tv right now!!!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

  • Ryan

    I was pleased to find out that Sheriff Andy looks even better than I thought. I wonder if he hit the gym during the break.

    • @Ryan With all the beefcake on the show, I won’t be surprised if he does!

  • Mckey

    Sam Trammell has a very delicious manboobs!

  • Eric

    In the face, I’d say Ryan Kwanten is the sexiest… but when it comes to the body, I’d say Sam Trammell is sexier. Ryan would be sexier if he had more body hair, though. lol

  • Nocturne

    Sam is very sexy

  • Bro

    Sam is my second fave after Alcide/Joe Manganiello. Awesome chest.

  • rodthehorny

    men of true blood = erection that’s all.

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  • Sam is definitely the hottest

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