The Case of Taylor Lautner vs Twihards

You know what – I’ve been there, done that, got the T-shirt, gave it to charity. I’m sure at one point we all tried to paste our favorite celebrity’s head onto a half naked model’s body and fap to it. Fact. Kids today are taking a step further by creating fake accounts of their idols AND paste the head onto a half naked model’s body. Thanks to the wonderful world of social media (hell, I’m still learning to use Twitter damnit), this masterpiece of Taylor Lautner in a pair of tight man panties is making rounds on the net via one of his many faux ‘official’ Twitter accounts with the following caption.

this is not the best pic to share with y’all.. but.. I hope you see it with a older person hahaha

Wrong on so many levels. Only a raging teenage fangirl (or posing as) can write something like that and we all know it!

Now excuse me while I search for a good head shot of Jason Sudeikis…

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