The Curse of Non-Shirtless Bourne Film Ends Here

Jeremy Renner Shirtless

Take that, Matt Damon (but that’s what Chris Evans said and look at him now)! Jeremy Renner might not be the prettiest leading men on the block and despite the lack of natural body fur – there is something extremely sexy and quite manly about him and I can’t exactly point it out. It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries, you know. Hey, he went into a frozen river shirtless just to satisfy you skin hungry bitches! Jeremy is treating his fans as Aaron Cross in the upcoming “The Bourne Legacy” with several shirtless scenes as seen in the trailer. Thanks to Laddie for the heads up!

For those of you who are too lazy to read the entire article, here’s the important bit:

“On the first Bourne movie, I was in the best shape of my life, and we purposely never did a shot of me with my shirt off,” Damon says with a certain amount of pride. “There’s one scene where [Bourne’s lover] is pulling the shirt over my head, but what the camera sees are the two bullet holes in my back. It’s not gratuitous; there’s a point to it. I try to stay away from the beefcake shots.”

Jeremy Renner Shirtless

Jeremy Renner Shirtless

Jeremy Renner Shirtless

  • Lee

    Jeremy Renner’s nose has been broken multiple times and consequently looks alluringly phallic — THAT’s the je ne sais quoi that he has going on.

  • Mckey

    I love the chocolate chip nipples.Lol!

  • JessicaBeil

    Lucky Rachel Weisz….

  • mike

    is he a gay?

  • Mallory

    Jeremy Renner is incredibly sexy to me but I also can’t pinpoint it so yeah it’s that je ne sais quoi, sexy beast that he is. Rip my clothe…ahem, well….I like him.

  • Pill

    He is NOT gay

  • Tom

    He is so incredibly hot without being pretty. A manly man to be sure.

  • KarmaLysing

    It’s the self-confidence, the “adult male” looks, the bedroom eyes, the sly self-confidence, the impish smile, and the approximate shit-ton of charisma. (That’s a technical measurement, btw).

  • The Gentleman Adventurer

    In “The Avengers,” I kept hoping for a Hawkeye/Thor/Tony Stark shower scene, and was most disappointed at its absence.

  • Eric

    Normally guys like him don’t really do anything for me. He doesn’t have any chest hair, his nipples are kind of small, and he doesn’t seem to have much pit hair… But he is just so beyond sexy! I don’t know what it is about him that I like so much!!!

  • I like his pits.

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  • he is so freaking sexy

  • texasartsy1
  • Andree

    Yum yum yum and more yum. ha ha ha. Someone has been exercising. ☺ I like. ☺

  • Dot

    1. It’s his eyes!! 2. His arms 3. His swagger 4.his confidence and 5. Presence and energy he puts into his characters!! He may not be the typical brad Pitt/Matt Damon/CHRIS Evans or whatever but I rather watch him. I went to see the avengers for Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth but Jeremy Renner just took over. So I hope he keeps doing what he does and if any of you have not seen Hurt Locker!! You need to see that I mean OMFG!!! He is so good and so hot in that!!

  • Andree

    Dot, I agree with you. There is something unique about Jeremy. Ok I love his chest. Is that so wrong. ☺

  • Andree

    Are you kidding me. His chest is gorgeous. Nice and smooth and kissable. yum. ☺

  • Missguidedkidda

    jeremy renner is my dream. i love his chest, i love his arms too and i cant stop thinking about his voice!!! im only 16 and jeremy is old enough to be my father BUT id still do him the same. i love him in 12 and holding, hurt locker, monkey love,hancel and gretal, the avengers and my FAVOURIT!!! the 11th ep of the 1 season in angel were he plays penn. HE IS SO PERFECT

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