The Fantastic Mr. Cox

Charlie Cox Shirtless in Boardwalk Empire

We probably had too much waxy pecs this week so today let’s keep things old school. ‘Old school’ is the term referring to a chest that is magnificently covered with fur by our fab reader Charlie who requested this scene of adorable British furball Charlie Cox (ha) in the second season of “Boardwalk Empire”. To find no trace of hairy Mr. Cox in this joint before? I feel your pain. With the Hollywood approved hairy chest is forbidden from going above number 3 on the trimmer, it’s quite rare to find specimen like this in this day and age. Many thanks for the suggestion (but no thanks to the gory scene prior to this one)!

Charlie Cox Shirtless in Boardwalk Empire

  • QCNiceGuy

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!! He is divine. Just his voice makes me melt but that chest doesn’t hurt either!

  • @QCNiceGuy You’re welcome!

  • BADKarma

    He’s been my favourite Angora adorkabunneh since “Stardust”.

  • great fur!

  • jarojas

    Amazing caps, can you tell us which episode it was?

  • Endymion2009

    OK, I just finished watching last night’s episode of “Boardwalk Empire.” An opening scene to take your breath away…well, at least mine. Much better views of the Cox chest! I’ll try to get caps.

  • Charlie

    I am the Charlie who begged SquareHippies to find these magnificent screen grabs of the handsome and ever so hairy Charlie Cox from Season #2 of Boardwalk Empire. So, now, I want to thank you for posting them. And, I must say, viewing them again is just as satisfying as the first time. Why aren’t there more of this natural type of unclipped hairy man walking around shirtless and showing off? They used to be all over – now practically extinct! What a shame! But, new Big News is that in the current episode of Season #3 Boardwalk Empire that aired 10/7/12, we get to see even more of the beautiful hairy real man Charlie – PLEASE (here I am begging again) for someone to snatch these new screen clips and satisfy all us other men who hold this man up as the model of all Manliness!

  • @Endymion2009 & Charlie Be careful what you wish for, because something thick and hairy is coming your way!

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