This is The Spidey We Have Been Waiting For

He’s hairy, hunky and plays on our side. Can’t fault this. Matthew Wilkas is available to drool at as Flash Thompson in Broadway’s “Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark” and currently the understudy for the title role of Peter Parker/Spiderman (via The Broadway Blog). Instead of flying around in the suit, can he just be shirtless at least and they BETTER NOT SHAVE HIM in the name of costume change! Matthew is also starring in SXSW favorite “Gayby” of which a few shirtless scenes is thrown in for your consideration.

Matthew Wilkas Shirtless

Credit: Rick Day

Matthew Wilkas Shirtless in Gayby

Matthew Wilkas Shirtless in Gayby

Matthew Wilkas Shirtless in Gayby

  • Daz

    omg… beautiful… that treasure trail begs to be followed all the way…

  • Tom

    This is one hot stud!!!!
    Love to see his hairy chest in a lot of films.

  • Great. Just a natural person/man with a hairy chest.
    Ban the razor.
    Jan from the Netherlands

  • Speechless.

  • DoverDavid

    Now that’s what I want to see crawling on my walls!!

  • arkcub

    Those eyes are almost as spellbinding as all of that delicious fur! Nice to see this fine specimen isn’t being wasted on the ladies… ; )

  • Mckey

    He looks a little bit like Kris Humphries.

  • sparks

    Baby doll!

  • Jack

    Just incredible! I can’t wait for the opportunity to see more of him. Both in the flesh and as an actor.


    DAMN…fckn perfection

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