It is amazing how much hotness happen while you’re 13 hours suffering up in the air. If internet access wouldn’t cost me my kidneys and all my available limbs, I’d totally post this sooner. Chris Hemsworth is giving his usual caveman wants a snu-snu look in this fashion spread in GQ and although there is ZERO shirtlessness here (obviously to keep it classy), we get to admire his godly arms which deserve their own cover. I mean, I don’t even like muscular men but I feel like I need to marry and have babies with them arms like, now.

Chris Hemsworth in GQ

Chris Hemsworth in GQ

Chris Hemsworth in GQ

Chris Hemsworth in GQ

  • bo_s

    When will his Thor period end?? I need him with short hair.

  • Long hair, short hair, i don’t care. Hell, I’ll take him bald! 🙂

  • Mark

    I have a high respect for this guy!The fact that he’s afraid people are only gonna know him for his body and not his acting talent.That proves that he has a sense of what’s going on in Hollywood today.They love to pimp out guys more than girls!Personally,I think he’s a terrific actor and a smart guy unlike those stupid whores from Magic Mike!

  • DoverDavid

    Too bad he wasent wearing shorts!

  • Tom

    Wow! Talk about bringing back Grunge!

  • balloonsandcandy

    chris hemsworth…<3

  • allan

    I love him but he reminds me of Jennifer Aniston here. Less hair product next time, perhaps? And probably a bit of scruff?

  • Arthur

    Do guys really drink Budwiser??

  • Ron

    Muscles — yes
    Bulgy veins — ick!

  • Michael Wisper

    Chris’ younger brother Liam Hemsworth is a total hottie too! You can catch him in “Hunger Games”, and imdb has loads of pics of both of them. The middle brother Luke also acts but somehow the good looks of his two brothers passed him by IMHO. What is it about Australian men?!?!?!

  • Budwiser! Ha! WT!

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