Time for Some REAL Art

If this is Runway and I’m Miranda Priestly, then Paul Freeman (via Kenneth) is my Patrick Demarchelier. Of course you remember this hotter than Australian sun post and probably have a few books already underneath the coffee table bed, all worn out. Now, Shia LaBeouf has nothing on Paul’s latest instalment of the Outback series because this right here is PROPER art. “Outback Bushmen” is printing now as we speak and you should be able to order it from Amazon soon. That’s all.

Outback Bushmen by Paul Freeman

Outback Bushmen by Paul Freeman

Paul has posted these 3 cover options, before deciding that the one above gives the most burn on your crotch. It’s a very hard decision to make I bet.

Outback Bushmen by Paul Freeman

Outback Bushmen by Paul Freeman

  • Fruit-for-Peace

    Oh my GAWD! Thanks for the MESS on my keyboard! 😛

  • bo_s

    I remember the first model from last year’s spread. he’s astonishingly beautiful.

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    What a beaut! What a man!

  • Tim

    Lovely….how about a series on Famous Fraternals…like my favorites Dylan and Chris Bruno…what a fantasy that would be! 🙂

  • JuanCarlos

    Is it just me or someone else think that chest hair is the best???

  • Mckey

    That second last photo…Wow that guy has a huge puffy nipples!That’s it!Bathroom break!!

  • Eric

    Oh. My. God. Look at the nipples on the guy in the 4th photo! Seriously, I would love to suck on those! They are freaking huge! Love a guy with chest hair and huge nipples!

  • What a MAN!!! I bet his chest smells sooooo good!

  • Chris

    I agree with Mckey, Kevin and Eric…. amazing splendid photos. They are ALL fantastic real men, with no ugly tattoos to marr what God gave them.

  • absolutely perfect

  • lordy


  • Phil

    OMFGG…How did I miss this?…

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