Tony Goldwyn in Scandal

Tony Goldwyn Shirtless in Scandal

If you’re losing sleep thinking what happened to this fine body of Tony Goldwyn 22 years later – you can finally rest well tonight because he’s looking like a major candidate for DOMD in undeniably the hottest episode of ABC’s “Scandal”. Yes, that is the body of a 52 year old we all want and need. This post is for defclubmix who shares the my fondness for mature men!

Tony Goldwyn Shirtless in Scandal

Tony Goldwyn in Scandal

Tony Goldwyn Shirtless in Scandal

Tony Goldwyn Shirtless in Scandal

  • arkcub

    Oh, man. I’ve had an uber crush on this guy since The Pelican Brief and Kiss The Girls. Sexy voice, face, and now that chest & fur! Woof!

  • Bro

    Wow. Very hot!
    I watched Ghost a few months back and thought he was super hot then
    (remember the scene where he ‘accidentally’ spills coffee on himself and then takes his shirt off – lol, amazing!) – he looks even better now!

  • Daz

    gawd he gave me major wood during my teenage years when watching Ghost!

  • Mallory

    Great stuff. Always thought this guy was hot; apparently Im not the only one!

  • Rupertbare

    WHAT the hell is he doing with that bitch……I’m here!!!!!!!

  • eagander

    A piece of fine aged prime rib! He was cute and sexy in Ghost, but he’s far hunkier now. Definitely more buff and furry!

  • looking good!

  • Manlover

    Square, my man.. er, my Wo-man, er, my wanna-man! Why is it that so many of your selections lately have shown very dark pictures?? These pics of Tony Goldwyn are a prime example. At my age, I need to have light on the subject! So many are obscure and I have to work very hard to throw light on the object of my desires. Any way you can help out a long-term fan of yours?

    • @Manlover I blame the lighting crew for this – unfortunately there’s very little I can do without compromising the hotness of the caps. I’ll try harder next time. Damn you low lighting scenes!

  • lordy

    dispensing lube right now…

  • Remembered his taking his soiled shirt off in G H O S T . Today I’d like to make man-on-man Velcro with our mutually furry pecs . . . .

  • Missy

    Okay, this is going to sound weird. But, when I was a little girl, I used to watch Designing Women (and still watch the re-runs now). Tony did an episode playing a friend of The Sugarbakers Team who was dying of AIDS. When he first stepped on the scene in that episode, I fell in love with him (that’s where the weird part comes in I guess) regardless if he had AIDS or not…He…Was…FINE. Now, years and years later, I still have a crush on that man and literately giggle every time I see him on screen…….

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