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Scott Caan Shirtless in Western Civ Magazine

There are a few times in your life where you wish you’re a surfboard and this is one of them. Scott Caan is nicely exploited by Western Civ magazine and I’m well mad that I only know about this now. Why didn’t anyone tell me? It’s not like nobody reads Western Civ magazine here is it?

Scott Caan Shirtless in Western Civ Magazine

Scott Caan Shirtless in Western Civ Magazine

  • DJ

    he’s so attractive. forget height; his body and hair and face are more than perfect enough. ;]

  • Scarreduser

    Oh I wish I were that motorcycle ! he could jump Me any time .what a. Hunk of hot man

  • Josh

    He’s attractive, but a bit too thick for his height. I like the hairy, I like the body and face, but he would be hotter (to me anyway) if he weren’t so thick in the arms.

  • Jack M

    Thick in the arms? Are you for real? What does that even mean?

  • Mark

    I would sell my soul and crawl naked across broken glass for this man. Is there anything sexier than a masculine, hairy blond?

  • Brendan

    DJ’s comment made me look up his height. Never knew he was 5’5, but he’s honestly perfect the way he is. ;3

  • Greg

    He’s not 5′.5”. That’s some PR BS. I’ve spoken to him multiple times and he’s not bigger than my mom who is 5′; maybe 5’2” and he keeps his hair (on his head) ridiculously tall to compensate. His current proportions make him troll-doll like (not that he is a troll — just width to height and his head looking oversized due to the aforementioned hair.) He was a lot cuter when he was younger and his proportions weren’t so off.
    He is a massively nice guy and major pot smoker.

  • Mark

    He is one of the most underrated guys in Hollywood!Like others have said,maybe it’s because of his height!Overall he is a decent actor and a very handsome blonde!

  • Mike D Boston USA

    He is very hot in the movie, “Into the Blue” filmed in the Bahamas. Many shirtless scenes of him. Tom Cruz is a small guy and no where as sexy as Scott Caan.

  • jsb

    I can only hope he’s not the douchebag his father is…

  • JuanCarlos

    OMG I just died!! this man is hotter than hell!!! nothing beats blonde chest and arm hair and he’s got so much!! please someone tell me: Isn’t this the sexiest BEAR on Tv right now???
    I would die if I ever have the chance of puting my hand on that chest hair!!! son manly this guy!! adorable!!

  • Jack

    While several of you have “husbands” that show up from time to time on this site, Scott Caan is my boy, my son, the light of my life, the maker of my dreams come true. I dream of him next to me in my bed with all the fur rubbing up against me.

  • Diogo

    If every episode of Hawaii Five-0 looked like this, I’d still be watching that show.

  • Eric

    Scott seriously has like the perfect chest! He has just the right amount of chest hair! If all men had chest hair like that, I seriously would be the happiest man alive! lol He is just too sexy!

  • ScottyP.

    He’s extremely hot and I love his chest and body hair, but somebody hold him down and give him a good haircut.

  • bcooper

    i wish he were taller. i guess he can be my pocket gay fantasy for now…

  • lordy

    love those mel gibson-esque thick hairy forearms…

  • DoverDavid

    I LOVE HIM, more please!

  • jeep_driver

    i dont find anything to criticize about surfer scott. who the eff cares if he’s short and has thick arms? i sure don’t. i’d love to get stoned with him and his surf board.

  • Arthur

    He is real and not a gym klone! He is hot!

  • jeep_driver

    You tell ’em, Arthur baby

  • umadbro911

    damn, he’s fine

  • Badwolf

    He’s so purty… Forget his shortness; I’d do him anytime (given the opportunity, of course;))

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  • Aegis

    He looks soo much like Bo Dean

  • Grey Zoe


  • Jasper

    Scott is very sexy and so very much better looking than his father. His strong face compliments his sexy, hard, hairy body SO well. These photos are a great example of what the hanging shorts fashion offers us. I like very much that his shorts are shorter than most (I hope that’s a new trend) so that we can see a bit of his thighs. I miss the sites of hairy thighs so much which the long shorts fashion has stolen from us.

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