Well Hello There, Alan Shearer

You know what, screw everything else I’ve posted this week so far. Alan Shearer’s body is the one I want and need. Badly. It’s ridiculous how long it has taken me to recognize this furry star of my dreams tonight and many nights after – but it’s always better late than never. Here’s the retired England footballer enjoying the sun in Barbados, the first shots were obviously taken earlier – probably couple years back. Either way, I’m going to climb that like a tree and set up permanent residence there.

  • arkcub

    Now THAT’S what a Daddy should look like. Woof!

  • Rupertbare

    @ all the chubby chasers on here, get a life…..and hit the salad bar, for fucks sake, barf barf barf!!!!!!!!!!

  • scarreduser

    Wow ! Square , I agree au Naturelle .

  • Brad Westerly

    Wow, what happened in Ruperbare’s childhood to make Rupertbare so harshed out and angry? Oh well. This dude is unbelievably hot. He’s been on my radar since the world cup last summer, when he was one of the narrators. He is like catnip.

  • Rupertbare

    @Brad, harshed out and angry????? Youb have me all wrong, I simply cannot bear overweight hairy OLD men, esp when they don’t have much going on upstairs!!!!!! I mean brain wise, in case you need an explanation…….

  • rodthehorny

    so tasty give him to me any time and i will lick him all over ;p.

  • rodthehorny

    well actually sent his friends as well, i won’t complain 😀

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  • Mike

    LOL – Pretty sure, in fact, I’d bet money on it that Rupertbare is some 40 year old, 350 pound fat guy living in his parent’s basement. LMAO! What a fucking DICK.

  • Greg

    I see that the stalker guy is here. Brad, Mike and Rod! Wonder is any those are his real names? He seems to dominate this site and is not even smart enough to post a different profile photo for each of his aliases. :- D

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