Where Can I Learn This Language?

Bear Talk by Mister App

As I was doing some last minute long haul travel yesterday – I have to apologize for leaving you with very little body hair that is this post. Well, I’m back and let’s kick things off with this adorable promo “Bear Talk” for Mister app (I’m not just saying that because they are the sponsor of this crusty joint so shut up – really, shut up!). This had to be done so that they can courier me RobHeartsDH (the scruffy left piece) with all his trimmings (make that NO trimmings, to be exact) overnight. Also, where is the rest of this video? I need it for um, research purposes.

Bear Talk by Mister App

Bear Talk by Mister App

Bear Talk by Mister App

  • Talmadge MacGooliger

    Aww, why all the scribbles all over “Mister?” Now this video is only a 9 out of 10.

  • Jack

    Oh… either one of them. OK, BOTH of them! Anytime, anywhere!

  • Boris


  • Gemini

    Oh my god… Bear is so hot…!

  • DoverDavid

    Mmmm meaty with hair, my favorite.

  • ZK

    Ok that commercial was incredibly stupid but both guys are very hot!

  • AK

    I agree with ZK that the commercial itself is terribly stupid but the bear on the left is really eh…..WOOF

  • Mikey

    The guy on the right is Doug Repetti. He is a singer and comedian. He has that funny song, “How Many Loads”

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