And This is What Shawn Hunter is Doing Now

Maybe it’s just me but his joker mouth drives me absolutelyfuckingnuts. If you’re looking for less clothing on Shawn Hunter, I mean Rider Strong – direct your shameless desires to here, here and here. Watch him defending hookers, after the jump.

  • Jack

    Such a pretty little man. I’d love the opportunity to spend some time with him.

  • mt

    Something about this dude seriously grosses me out. It’s always been that way and likely will. But at the same time, I just can’t stop looking. Just like Kellan Lutz. Weird.

  • Luke McIntosh

    Hunter is cute enough, but the show seems shallow, seamy and vulgar. Now I know lots of people visiting this site like shallow, seamy and vulgar, but I don’t. And beyond the failings of the script as they relate to him, the female hooker lawyer, a/k/a the pudgy painted trollops, in the third promo is totally disgusting. I am boycotting USA Network over this.

  • Luke McIntosh

    Oops, sorry, I meant “trollop,” though she has enough flab to be spread around the midsections of several trollops.

  • @Luke You know this isn’t real, right?

  • getting better with age!

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