At Least They Left His Pits Alone

Beau Mirchoff Shirtless in Awkward

We all know that the follicle hating execs at MTV has dipped Beau Mirchoff in a tub of nair for his role in “Awkward”, but all is not lost in the drain. In the latest episode, Beau is seen with a pair of dark, bushy pits that will be the star of your dreams for many nights to come. Thanks for leaving some of his dignity intact, MTV (I guess). If you’re looking for something furrier, Mike Faiola is the answer – as seen here in a hot tub with a side of Brett Davern.

Beau Mirchoff Shirtless in Awkward

Beau Mirchoff Shirtless in Awkward

Beau Mirchoff Shirtless in Awkward

Beau Mirchoff Shirtless in Awkward

Mike Faiola Shirtless in Awkward

  • wow. beef.

  • Matt

    I don’t why but he looks different as he getting older!Where is the kid from Desperate Housewives?!It’s not that long ago since he was on that show but now he looks so far from it!Also bushy pits is just not my thing!Trimmed armpits with a little hair on,that’s way better!

  • Eric

    Wow, I’m loving how dark and bushy his armpit hair is! It’s really turning me on! lol Although, I’d have to say that Mike Faiola, who plays Jenna’s dad, is definitely the sexiest guy on the show. He has a nice tan, amazing stubble/beard, great body, decent sized nipples, and some chest hair. I’d take him over any guy on the show. Personally, I think he should be shirtless in every scene he is in! lol Love Beau’s hairy pits, though!

  • Mike

    Hairy armpits are gross!

  • Mike

    Mike Faiola is super hot!

  • Jair

    Beau’s hairy chest was amazing but Mike Faiola wins this battle all the way!!!

  • Mallory

    Always like Beau. This one other guy isn’t half bad, but though he need to stop shaving his chest and maybe cut his hair a bit I would do anything to him, or with him

  • Chris

    Probably best post on this whole blog. <3

  • I watch this show and Mike Faiola drives me bananas with his gorgeousness.
    Plus Beau is super cute.


  • GMaster

    I’ll add my vote for the bushier pits the better. I LOVE to run my tongue through a dark forest of funky pit hair. MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm nothing better.

  • I love this show! That scene was hot! Check out my new blog

  • Rob-Bear

    Woof what a DILF! Or is it DILFM? Dad I’d Like to Fuck Me?

  • Dave

    Love those pits!!!

  • Rhiordan

    Thanks for these – love ’em all, but I’ve waited a long bloody time for Mike Faiola. Did not disappoint. Not. At. All. ~R.

  • leroy

    what episode & season is this from?

  • Stan

    Beau has an ugly face, but mike… Im just drewling right now 🙂

    He needs to stop to shave his chest, I have something to lick than. Marry me Mike Faiola!!!

  • Niko m

    Okay seriously here now… Mike Faiola is so totally adorbbs.. Ugh I wanna fuck him so hard we’d be swimming in cum.



  • but Mike Faiola though. uhum.

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