Chord Overstreet Out with a Beard (Not Emma Roberts)

Chord Overstreet always looked like a twinky power bottom that has just successfully auditioned for the next BelAmi film, but here he has decided to grow a mini beard which make him look like – well, a twinky power bottom that has just successfully auditioned for the next BelAmi film with a beard. You know, an actual beard. I’d still climb, hard and fast.

  • Anonymous

    I’d lick that up and down all day and all night.

  • Autechre

    Fugly first name. His parents should be shot.

  • Mark

    He looks like an adult male, for a change.

  • mt

    Meh….not really all that. A 5½ on a 1-10 scale

  • tomindallas

    Carey Elwes lives.

  • Manlover

    why no shirtless shots? As he is, kinda boring, a dime a dozen.

  • Okcspooge

    If you haven’t seen Chord perform Bieber’s “Baby” on “Glee,” do that. Sorry it’s not on YouTube. (Fox yanks it every time someone posts it). It’s worth buying the episode from amazon. Episode #35, The Comeback. First time I saw it, I was hooked. He is probably an angelic being who was sent to show us the way.

    Thanks for the post, Square. 😉

  • Mykel

    He is a hot blond man for sure

  • Eric

    Not one time on Glee have I found him attractive… until I saw these photos. He looks way too boy-ish on Glee. Off the show when he is actually able to grow out his facial hair, he looks sexy as hell! He should keep the beard or at least a stubble or something. He looks a lot manlier with a beard!

  • sparks

    He is definitely of the Cary Elwes type… but there’s only one Cary Elwes and when Cary was in his 20s there was NOBODY prettier.

    Aside from Matt Bomer (who’s a different type altogether) I still have never seen anyone as pretty as Cary. (Matt Dallas comes close — but he’s more of the Matt Bomer type. heh.)

  • Bob

    Those eyes, those lips, and ooh, by the way….that body! Rumor it that he plays on our team. He’s been spotted coming out of trailers and out for the night with Puck at a west Hollywood club.

  • Christopher

    as stated by Squarehippies Chord now looks like a power
    bottom with a beard but since he’s American the referred
    to successful audition would probably be for Sean Cody
    or Corbin Fisher. 🙂

  • aja675

    I’d so occupy Chord Overstreet. 😀

  • Bob E

    Dorky, sortof doofusy, too young for me, but still pretty delicious!

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