Cuyle Carvin Update (Yes, There is Shirtlessness in This Post)

Cuyle Carvin in Revelations

Revelations” is a post-apocalyptic web series starring the B hunk of your most intimate dreams, Cuyle Carvin and because I have his personal contact number (okay, not really) he has agreed to show some skin to promote the series (lied about that one too). My ass is always nervous and uneasy around hot guys, okay? Whatever it is, Cuyle knows the importance of being shirtless as a fine piece of male specimen. I just wish he stopped trimming and see where his career will take him. Watch him strip and also, the first 2 episodes after the jump.

Cuyle Carvin Shirtless in 2012

Cuyle Carvin Shirtless in 2012

  • michael

    wow, he’s pretty deluxe!

  • florida33771

    The worst film and acting ever to be made.

  • steve

    Holy sh*t. Beautiful. So what if he can’t act.

  • Michael

    You know what would be great? Getting to look at beautiful men and appreciating them without some catty bitch making a negative comment about…anything.

  • sparks


    And yes.

  • eagander

    Unfortunately he seems to know how to use a razor! ;(

  • jad

    damn he shaved his chest and we are left with only stubble to see. so sad…

  • jeep_driver

    CRAP, he needs to let his garden grow for crissakes….

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