Guess This Furry Chest

This up and coming chest perfectly demonstrates how by putting down the razor, great things can be achieved. Great things have different meaning to different people, but in this actor’s case it landed him a pivotal role on one of the more memorable mini series on History channel (pivotal being the position on your genitals while it’s on). Must be that blond chest fur. Guess before you click!

It’s Matt Barr – the star of your dreams in “Hatfields & McCoys”. This mandatory publicity workout in public shot is 2 years old, but it shows Matt’s commitment in spreading blond chest fur hotness on TV. Here and here are not so gentle reminders.

  • Matt

    Just another manwhore workout in public shirtless.I feel nothing.

  • and is it furry? okay, then.

  • Eric

    Eh, he doesn’t really do anything for me. He has some pretty good nipples, though. lol

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Are you all nutz? He’s f—ing gorgeous. I want to lick his ginger stubble and …. I’ll take a pound and a half, please

  • len

    HE’S MINE!!!!!

  • sparks

    Wouldn’t really call him furry but he DAMN sure looks fine!! mmmmm

  • Jay in Crappy Michigan
  • eagander

    “spreading blond chest fur hotness”. ???? What hallucinogenic drugs are you on?? In “hatfields and mccoys”, yes. these pics? The mortal sin of the razor!!

  • ew

    Wow, these pics are kinda old.

  • TheRockSnob

    Thank you for showing me exactly what this young generation’s idea of a furry chest is. How tragically sad.

  • My ass has more hair that that. He is not hairy. Peach fuzz.

  • Luke McIntosh

    I’m with Sparks and Wanna. I don’t mind someone who’s relatively smooth as long as the guy isn’t shaving off what God graciously put on his chest….AND where he has deltoids, pecs and abs like these. I’m not saying that Matt is the most ripped man ever to grace these pages; he’s just very fit and extremely attractive. His chest hair would be more visible if it weren’t blond, but blond is good in my book.

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