Here’s Matt Bomer’s Obligatory Shower Scene You’ve Been Waiting For

Matt Bomer Shirtless in White Collar Season Four Premiere

The phrases ‘Matt Bomer’ and ‘shower scene’ are pretty much self explanatory, so there’s no need for me to elaborate on these caps from the fourth season premiere of “White Collar”. My only comment would be that they should include a shower scene in EVERY single episode. Oh, and salt and pepper scruff has my libido’s stamp of approval. That is all.

Matt Bomer Shirtless in White Collar Season Four Premiere

Matt Bomer Shirtless in White Collar Season Four Premiere

Matt Bomer Shirtless in White Collar Season Four Premiere

Matt Bomer Shirtless in White Collar Season Four Premiere

Matt Bomer in White Collar Season Four Premiere

  • Rockhopper

    As great as Matt looks in a suit, he really should always dress as he did in this episode. He was shirtless or in a sleeveless shirt for a good bit of it. 🙂

  • John

    I don’t have cable and really lack the time to watch, but suddenly I want to subscribe. For a smooth guy, he’s very easy on the eyes.

  • Mark

    I don’t like that salt&pepper scruff on Matt Bomer because it doesn’t work on him at all like it does on Joe Manganiello and a few other actors out there!He should embrace his youthful face as long as he can because when you’re on a train to the early daddy stage,there’s no coming back!Why so rush because you’ll get there later but for now just enjoy your pretty youthful look.

  • He is such a hot daddy!

  • Christopher

    most certainly a tasty scene, it makes up for season#3 in
    which out of 16 episodes Matt had a grand total of 1 count
    ’em 1 shirtless scene.

  • Mallory

    I dont always go for pretty, but he’s perfect. He doesn’t exactly get me going, but I think he could… Like a Ken doll or something, he’s just perfect isnt he?

  • Eric

    Maybe it’s just me, but I actually prefer Matt with the salt and pepper scruff. I think it makes him look sexier. I think the salt and pepper scruff makes up for the fact that he has a smooth chest. Smooth chest’s normally don’t do anything for me, as I like chest hair, but Matt is beyond sexy! Love him!

  • Mckey

    Yeah I’m with Mark here.It’s too soon for salt and pepper scruff for him.For God sake he’s 36 not 46!A lot of young actors are doing this trend these days!Not there’s anything wrong with that but just wait for the right time/age to do it!

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  • Frank

    Anyone else think that he resembles his Magic Mike co-star Joe Manganiello with that salt-n-pepper scruff?

  • Ken

    That beard is lame – it’s clear he can’t grow one.

    There’s a publicity picture out there of this guy looking at himself in a mirror. That’s perfect: he absolutely comes across as someone who is just mesmerized with his reflection.

    Hair is too fussy, too.

    Not attractive. At all.

  • Martin

    I don’t care what he wears or as little as he does wear… he is so dreamy beyond words… and the amazing thing is he’s ACTUALLY Gay and not a tease like a lot of the other good looking actors…

  • SG

    @Ken – It’s clear you know absolutely nothing about Matt Bomer. Someone less mesmerized with his own reflection it would be impossible to find. Best not to impose on to someone else what you’d do if you looked like them.

  • bcooper

    he is so beautiful…it’s so unfair

  • sparks

    Anytime. Any place…

  • Ron

    He is so cute…and yet his acting is curiously devoid of talent. I think one can easily surmise how he got where he got.

  • Jason

    @Ken please provide a link of said mirror picture, oh wait you can’t cause it doesn’t exist. The worst thing about a troll is one who doesn’t try to hide the fact that they are a troll, or too stupid to even realize it. Matt doesn’t have a conceited bone in his body and he’s pretty perfect.

  • Js better half

    Love that Matt looks like he does and has so much critical acclaim for his talent and yet is so humble and nice. Real critics are pretty unanimous on how talented he is never heard a bad review of anything he has done, such good charitable person too. Other actors with less talent and class could learn from him.

  • davew

    I can’t explain how much hotter this perfect-ten-of-a-man gets when I know that he’s had a **** up his ****.

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  • It would be nice to see more full body photos of Matt Bomer in the shower.

    just looks like snapshot from USA TV.

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  • michael

    i love the dutch painting in the back ground.
    matts definately nice too.
    and to @ken out there. . . . if i looked like that, id be lookin at my self in the mirror ALOT.

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