More of Andy Bellefleur’s Beefy Pecs in True Blood

Chris Bauer Shirtless in True Blood

You know what, you can find stills of shirtless Ryan Kwanten and other bog standard manwhores on “True Blood” literally anywhere on the interwebs (including here, of course), but like it or not you would have to visit this crusty joint to witness the magnificent beefy pecs of Chris Bauer – because I take that noone else would want to post these delicious caps of Andy Bellefleur from last night’s episode. Hey, if I don’t whore this website out, who will?

Chris Bauer Shirtless in True Blood

Chris Bauer Shirtless in True Blood

Chris Bauer Shirtless in True Blood

  • mikey

    he aint the best looking man but i wouldent say no to ra**** his ass and destroying his mouth with my c*** and playing with them fanstastic tits

  • Anne Noise

    Not the most conventionally handsome guy, but I am drawn to his face and love his big beefy body!

  • Matt

    Those manboobs!Wow!

  • silvrlovrmnl

    OMG. Thank. You. Square.

    I have been looking for this man for ages.

  • BADKarma

    You are a true humanitarian, Square. A TRUE humanitarian.

  • Robbie

    I totally Googled last night, looking for pics of Sheriff Andy. Thanks for being the vehicle for my fantasies. So hot!!

  • Rob-Bear

    Perfect beefy man to snuggle up to in a big comfy bed

  • Brad

    While Bellefluear has been buffing up, where are the pictures of both Ryan Kwantan’s shirtlessness and butt? That was the real treat from last night’s episode

  • Its nice to see a man accept aging gracefully. I hate fake hair, over worked out gym bodies, or plastic surgery!

  • rodthehorny

    one of the many reason/s why i am hooked on watching true blood.

  • badboy

    Glad someone else spotted the hottest of Chris on True Bloodhope he show some more of that body and some booty or something else 2….

  • Sandro

    damnnn man, thanks SO much! Ive had a HUGE crush on Andy Bellefleur since episode 1 of TB! I stopped watching after season 3 tho…but ive never stopped fantasizing about him. Now im going to do some nasty stuff to these pictures…lol

  • there is something quite intriguing about him. He seems to have tonde up a bit the past few seasons.

  • Boykin

    This man is old and ugly .just my opinion

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