Presenting the ESPN Side Asses Issue

Unsurprisingly, Rob Gronkowski’s nakedness (or peen sockness) on the cover of ESPN’s side asses issue doesn’t do much to me – but there are some droolworthy shots such as Carlos Bocanegra above, Tyson Chandler and Jose Bautista. I have to admit I don’t know ANY of these people but I feel like I need to do further research on Carlos Bocanegra. Dipping him in mud instead of nair like in Rob’s case must mean something special. This post contains a hell lot of artistic(?) side asses so this is where your interpretation of NSFW matters.

Carlos Bocanegra Shirtless in ESPN Body Issue 2012

Rob Gronkowski Shirtless in ESPN Body Issue 2012

Brad Richards Shirtless in ESPN Body Issue 2012

  • Funny, Gronk does everything for me. Doesn’t strike me as the brightest bulb in the box, but perfectly satisfies my big, dumb frat jock fetish.

  • Talmadge McGooliger

    This Bocanegra fellow must not be allowed to wear clothes ever again.

  • crispy

    Carlos Bocanegra is the captain of the US Men’s soccer team. And also my #3 soccer husband.

  • NICK

    that Rob is soooos hot in the cover i want to lick every inch of his body and then ride him all night

  • Eric

    The first couple pictures are beyond hot, but the guy on the cover… no. lol He literally looks like he has no body hair anywhere on his body, not even pubes. Completely hairless isn’t sexy. But the rest of the pictures are hot!

  • bo_s

    Carlos Bocanegra and Tyson Chandler, I’ll take both.

  • Mike99

    Bocanegra. Oh. My. God.
    He is the perfect male.

  • Bocawesome

    Watch him on Body Issue


  • ick, total lack of pubes

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