Salted & Peppered to Perfection

While I’m on the topic of all year winter forest, here’s a picture of  Ina Garten’s model BFF T.R Prescod – which came in from reader Gordon (filthy great minds think alike). TV chefs get all the most prime and delicious pieces of manbeef! I mean – tell me, WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT IN LIFE?

I might have died and gone to silver heaven. Bye bitches!

  • Mckey

    Those nipples!Such an amazing creation!Let’s give the credit to The Big Man above!THANK YOU!!!

  • DoverDavid

    Very nice, speaking for those here who have silver fur!

  • lordy

    hot damn

  • mike

    This man has been on my radarv forever! Bless you for the shot. He is everything i hoped plus some. id be on those nipples forever. YUM!

  • C

    What more could I want from life? How about an intimate video of him in action???

  • Amit

    He is a handsome, handsome man.

    IIRC, though, his surname’s actually Pescod, not Prescod. 🙂

  • TicklerNYC

    I’m pretty sure this guy not appears in a ton of Macy’s commercials but is also a friend of Ina Garten and has appeared on her show several times….he should have taken his shirt off before now!!!

  • S.

    TR is perfection… Ina is lucky… God gray chest hair is hot as fucking hell

  • TR was always so good looking. Glad to see he lets the fur grow.

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