Some Actual Shirtlessness on Details Cover!

Judging from their track record, Details must have a skin cover quota of two per year or something to keep the magazine classy and to hold on to their 1% straight men demographic. Boo. Well, this is one of them. I’d say this is the best Michael Phelps cover to date. To be honest, anything is better than this mess. There’s no trace of butter in these shots and they make you feel like you’re ready to climb this fine specimen yesterday. That body is made for it.

Michael Phelps Shirtless in Details Magazine

Michael Phelps Shirtless in Details Magazine

Michael Phelps Shirtless in Details Magazine

  • Ryan Gannon

    For some reason I really like guys who have odd proportions (but are still symmetrical) and Michael Phelps is a really good example of this. I’m loving the grainy body hair too and the face that he’s covered up below the waist in no less than blue jeans.

  • John

    He gets sexier each time I see him.

  • Mckey

    He has a pair of gorgeous nips!He knows it and he loves to show them!Thanks for always being so generous Michael! 🙂

  • Tom

    And still he does nothing for me.

  • mikey

    lick every part of him he has an ass i want to destroy

  • Jamie

    Phelps is great. Love that he is not shaved clean on this pic. Would like to see him after he retires from swimming and stops shaving his chest.

  • Jack

    He’s always had a body I’ve admired. AND I’ve always been proud of the way he’s carried the American spirit into the Olympics!!

  • Eric

    Normally he doesn’t do anything for me, but these photos seriously are! The bad thing about him being a swimmer is that he has to shave his body hair. He looks beyond sexy his chest hair. I’d love to see how much chest hair he would have if he never shaved it again! And those nipples… Oh my lord, they are so big and brown! lol He seriously has me hard right now! lol

  • Boris

    At least, his mouth is close… so we don’t have to watch his teeth, which are not his best feature, imnsho…

  • michael

    he does have odd proportions, like a llooooong torso, and i love that on man….and i love tall

  • szoszo

    oh my god. hold me down.

  • Chuck

    Errr…No thank you.

  • Talmadge McGoolager

    Tom whoooooo? Daley whaaaaaat?

  • He is tasty.

  • Christopher

    i met Michael in NYC when he did a swimming exhibition tour
    following his stellar showing at the 2004 Olymipcs in Athens.
    if like me you love the tall lanky well toned look i can not tell
    you how hot he is in person. in addition seeing those big
    beautiful lucious nipples up close well i’m still drooling. 🙂

  • Josh

    I’ve always had a hard-on with Michael’s name written on it……… but right now, I have the biggest hard-on ever for him! These are by far the best photographic images I have ever seen of him. Whoever the photog is for this piece, they’re genius and have got an incredible eye for imagery. OK – I’m going to take my iPad to bed and have a little quiet, “wet” fun with myself , and Michael. Shhhhh….don’t tell my husband, he’s asleep. 😉 Thanks for these awesome shots Square!

  • jeep_driver

    i don’t see no hair anywhere. and i don’t care to see his bush, either.

  • romina

    Maybe covering his face and never allow him to speak. That way, yes.

  • I would do him.

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