The Importance of De-shirting Ben Affleck at 40

I used to think Ben Affleck is THE hottest man in the world – but since that Bennifer Garfleck thing happened he seems to be losing his hotness as other manwhores have better offerings to cater my forever demanding libido. Looking at these shots of him out with the family looking like a typical ‘hip’ suburban dad who just took on a new hobby of photography makes me want to see him lose that top SO BAD (for more than one reason actually). The salted hair’s amazing, and don’t let me get started on those guns…

  • Matt

    He is just cute as fuck!!Jennifer Garner and Matt Damon are so lucky!

  • Ryan Gannon

    He seems to be getting a little tubby. I like it.

  • Paul

    I have never seen him looking so HOT!

  • That man is still sexy as hell. Mmmph. Love the salt-and-pepper.

  • DoverDavid

    Loose the tshirt!

  • LooneyMan

    I’ve never really found him that attractive. Sure, a nice body is good and all but I just dont get anything out of him. Oh well.

  • Anne Noise

    There was a decade-long period where he was not attractive, around the time he started dating Gwyneth to the beginning of the grey hair, but I used to love him and I love him again. God help me, Argo looks like it might be an okay movie.

  • @LooneyMan – “I’ve never really found him that attractive.”

    Then you’ve picked the right username. That man is hot.

  • Jim

    Definitely hotter than ever.

  • Sammy

    WOW – I feel the same and you have resparked my lust for him. WOW.

  • szoszo

    that anus chin, that salt and pepperness, those emerging soft curves here and there… hes just a dream.

  • Wow – Sooooo SEXY!! Love the face stubble, massive arms!!!!!

  • len

    not a great actor, but he’s still gorgeous!

  • Christopher

    granted no one looks the same at 40 as they did at 19. my
    point being i don’t mind a “fuller” Ben A. as long as that
    more mature “fullness” has tone and definition to it and
    isn’t just untoned added weight.

  • len

    not a great actor, but still GORGEOUS!

  • len

    totally agree chris

  • Brian

    He looks amazing, aging very well. He looks all pumped and beefy, I wouldn’t call that tubby, his waist looks pretty trim to me.

  • jaragon

    Ben is aging very nicely- he is one hot daddy

  • Bro

    I never really thought Ben Affleck was particularly attractive, but he is looking a lot beefier here and it looks well on him.

  • Michael Wisper

    He’s like a great big Sno Cone I’d like to lick all over!

  • Mallory

    Emotionally and intellectually he does nothing for me. But, for a nasty hot fuck…well, I aint gonna come close to saying no.

  • Josh

    I think the movie I first found my attraction to him in was Glory Daze. There was a scene where he took off his shirt or was in his underwear or something, I can’t recall exactly, but whatever it was, I remember his hairy, sexy, natural chest and torso. Was very hot. I liked him in his early days, then when all that foolishness started and the couples became one name together, I was completely turned off. It was disgusting. And SO FAKE. But in the past year I have revisited Ben and found that he is a lot more attractive on all levels (except politics). He’s matured, he’s handsome, he’s aging very well indeed and we must strive to get his shirt off, and soon. I wouldn’t say he’s getting tubby, just maturing. And as far as looks between him and his best friend Matt, Ben DEFINITELY is by VERY FAR the much better looking man of the two!

  • bo_s

    Yes, yes, 20 times yes, and more.

  • Scot

    Damn he’s gotten even better looking with age.
    I was really saddened to hear Chris Pine is taking over the Jack Ryan role from Ben Affleck in the next incarnation of that character. No offense to Alec Baldwin or Harrison Ford but I think Ben did a better job. Plus now, he even LOOKS the part. Thats how Tom Clancy described Jack Ryan in the books.

  • Scot

    I just noticed that the Daddy Hunt ad is right next to this post. I THINK THE HUNT IS OVER!

  • John

    Square, you posted some shirtless shots of him back in the Beginning of Time, Those showed his chest as being very attractive. Judging from the T-shirt shots here, I don’t imagine that there has been any material degradation, even if his political views are highly degraded.

  • that’s very much my type, well done Ben.
    but then again, I’m a man of many types, and oh so easy to please.


  • E

    There are some new shirtless pics of him over on Popsugar.

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