The Other Andrew Who You Should’ve Paid More Attention To

Andrew Simpson Shirtless in All That Way For Love

If you’re wondering what happened to this hot young piece you drooled with all the guilt in the world in “Notes of A Scandal”, well – apparently all that barren Irish land is actually fertile. Very fertile, in fact as seen here in short film “All That Way for Love” which has roughly the same cougar-ish vibe to it (you know I’ll be watching). Andrew Simpson might not be as big as Andrew Garfield at the moment, but with that kind of follicle ethics – anything is possible.

Andrew Simpson in All That Way For Love

Andrew Simpson in All That Way For Love

Andrew Simpson in All That Way For Love

  • Christopher

    Andrew S. also gave an A+ performance in the recent PBS
    drama special “Saving the Titanic”. while the title may not
    make sense it was actually about how the engineers and
    electricians in the boiler rooms actually helped the ship
    stay afloat as long as possible. though fully clothed
    Andrew looked quite sexy in his 1912 naval officer outfit.

  • AriesMatt

    He reminds me a little of Eddie Redmane, which is a compliment.

  • Mark

    Yeah he’s a cute hairball!!

  • Jamie

    Wow. He has filled out quite nicely. And, Christopher, I saw that Titanic show, too. He was cute in that uniform.

  • Paul

    WOW! I am loving the fur that this very cute and talented actor has sprouted.

  • Paul

    Hopefully he’ll do well enough to see an orthodontist – I’m just sayin’ …

  • Josh

    OH hell who does he remind me of. Some 70’s bad actor, bad movie guy.
    Rob or Robbie something? Anybody got it?

  • Dayum!

  • not fair to tease us with a blurry shot of his body fur

  • Beagz

    Josh – Robbie Benson, maybe?

    Personally, he reminds me of Rider Strong … At least in the face. And yes, that’s a VERY WONDERFUL THING!!

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