To Saint Cohen We Pray

Since we are nothing but a bunch of sinners, let us repent by getting down on our knees (don’t forget the pads, you’d want to make this last) and worship the man who is willing to be half naked for our vices, Saint Ben Cohen. Even when he’s all battered and badly bruised, Ben still manages to smile and give us the impression that we might get some of his stray bear fur when these man panties by Bluebuck arrived in the mailbox. Things he’d do for us worshippers! Please note that free Kleenex will be available for a small donation afterwards.

This post is for Cameron!

Ben Cohen Shirtless for Bluebuck Underwear

Ben Cohen Shirtless for Bluebuck Underwear

Ben Cohen Shirtless for Bluebuck Underwear

Ben Cohen Shirtless for Bluebuck Underwear

  • David

    I am so lucky….my partner and Ben share the same body….and let me tell you…it is wonderful to snuggle up to that in bed every night. 🙂

  • Mark

    He knows he has tons of gay fans and he loves to cater them as often as he can!!I mean just look at his body language!

  • DoverDavid

    TEASE!! Drop the underware!!!

  • mikey

    so want too f*** him want his c*** in my mouth

  • John

    …. and he has tons of non-gay fans, too. I mean, you don’t have to be gay in order to appreciate the splendid work of art that is Ben Cohen’s natural manly bod, his athletic talent, his engaging smile, or his many other charming attributes.

  • Boris

    Saint Ben Cohen is my personal saviour!

    And I would gladly nurse him to health when he is all battered and bruised up like in the first picture!

    And I volunteer to clean, with my tongue, each individual hair on his holy body!

  • Dane Arreola

    I’m sooooooo in love with him!!! Incredibly sexy, incrediblysweet and compassionate, what a combination!!!

  • Oh! Yum!!

  • Eric Beutter

    Now THIS really makes my sticker peck up!

  • StevyD

    Love a big pole in tighty-whities and ummm fur, wonderful fur. After the fur flies, I murmur sweet thank-yous for his pole-itics.

  • le sousa

    god i love to taste those pitts and work my way into his boxers front and back

  • Eric

    Oh. my. god. I am officially rock hard right now. lol That hairy chest is so unbelievably sexy! What I wouldn’t give to have a taste of those hairy pits!!

  • BADKarma

    Oh. My. Dear. Lord… BOY am I glad I’m home from work!!!!

  • rodthehorny

    i just want to sniff his underwear. that’s all!!

  • wmassguy

    Just so magnificent! The ultimate muscle bear.

  • joe

    Holy Fur! Ben is always a blessing. never lets us down. never.

    btw: Square, your posts are always so awesome, I love to read them!


  • Always hot and I hope cuddly!

  • sassywench

    I like how in the first picture he looks like he is prepared for a good and proper flogging!

  • I love his pandering.

  • Anon

    So hot…
    Augh i think i just ji**ed in my underwear
    If only he would show a little c**k but hes so hot and hairy I just wanna lick his fu**ing body all day long 😛
    Ahh yeah i want his hairy body so badly so i can kiss it rub my hands throught it
    He is one of my fantasies

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