Wake-up Call

Another day, another set of photos of Hugh Jackman on the beach. Need I say more? This post is for Laddie!

  • sh*t, I need to go to Bondi more often.


  • Stuart

    If these are recent, then Hugh is insane. It’s the middle of winter here – either he’s very committed to his training, or he’s very committed to a photo opportunity.

    That being said: he’s hot, so who gives a damn?

  • Badwolf

    Damn, he’s hot!!! Can he do this a little more often? 😉

  • Eric

    Damnnn, that is sexy! Loving the wet chest hair! How about we take off those shorts and see what’s under there? hahaha

  • bo_s

    Even better than the last set, now he comes with beard!

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  • Starling

    Meh, with allthat chest hair and beard he looks like a wet dog. I guess I’m just more attracted to men with smooth chests and faces. Those arms though…daaamn, those are some hot guns he’s got.

  • JD

    Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s because he’s wet, but Hugh’s lookin kinda haggard these days. Age perhaps?

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