When Supply < Demand

The visual on the left is the ONLY decent shirtless shot of Guy Berryman known to human being, and although we all know that the one on the right is fake as hell – I wouldn’t mind fapping to it. Yes, even when the Photoshopper didn’t bother to find a body with at least a little fuzz on it. Everything looks real in Instagram filter!

Guy Berryman Shirtless

Guy Berryman Shirtless

  • bcooper


  • WannaBuyaDuck


  • Rob-Bear

    @WannaBuyaDuck – Why puke? What because he’s not some steroid freak or an emaiciated twink? You need your eyes testing mate

    The real picture is far hotter than the fake one anyway

  • Jair

    I find him so hot!

    The sexiest of the band!

  • bo_s

    I find him hot too.

    but the sexiest pf the band. to me, is the guy in my avatar.

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  • JamesK144

    Supply is less than demand?

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