You Might Remember Him from Somewhere

If you shave all the silver beard on this lush looking fox with your eyeballs, you will soon realize that he is the hot piece who helped you through your college years on those cold nights when the lights were off and your roommates asleep. It’s author and model Aiden Shaw (ding the bell rings!), and yes I’m talking about me. Off to dust my stash for a marathon!

Aiden Shaw Shirtless

Aiden Shaw Shirtless

Aiden Shaw Shirtless

Aiden Shaw Shirtless

More in Aiden Shaw’s Twitter, and since I have to do EVERYTHING around here – this is the image you’re more familiar with.

Aiden Shaw Shirtless

  • Mark

    Talking about aging gracefully!Wow, what a beautiful old man!

  • Nocturne

    I think he is hotter as an older guy. I love his hair, but would prefer abit less of the beard.

  • Mike

    OK – I gotta say, first – the guy is NOT that old. But yet for whatever reason he chose this look which makes him look like he’s in his early 60’s.

    Second – sorry if my opinion pisses anyone off, it’s not an attack, just simply a statement of fact that probably a lot of guys would agree with – Which is” Why would he choose to make himself look like an 1800’s confederate rebel hillbilly soldier from West Virginia.

    While i realize some seem to like t his look, I still have to say, it’s a bad look as far as aging one’s self an additional 20 years. Not attractive to me at all, considering what he COULD look like.

    So Aiden, if you’re reading this, ditch the gray, shave the beard and cut the mop, then you’ll look again like the hot man you once were.

  • @Mike Good observation! And there’s no need to apologize at all! Yes, he’s not that old but I think he’s required to maintain this look especially for the European market (he’s done a lot of modeling in Spain if I’m not mistaken). Maybe they have a soft spot for an 1800′s confederate rebel hillbilly soldier from West Virginia somehow. 😀

  • Tom

    Mike. I’m in total agreement with you. Aiden Shaw is one of my all time favorite porn stars. Yes, I just admitted that. All man and the quintessential top.
    Where is the chest hair? I would way rather see more on his chest than any on his head and face. I love facial hair when it’s cropped and well taken care of. As for the head of hair. I’m probably jealous because I don’t have that much. God knows I wish I did 🙂

  • Gordon

    @Mike — I don’t see how you get to “Confederate Hillbilly.” I’m from California and you would see dapper men with a more 70s grooming sensibility (longer hair and a beard) all the time especially in places like Santa Cruz or San Francisco.

    I might agree with you, if he were wearing a uniform and looked like he needed a shave and a bath. He needs neither a shave nor a bath in the conventional sense. Really he is a hot model with gray hair and what’s the problem with gray hair? Nothing mon frere!

  • DoverDavid

    Ewwww what did he do with his chest hair! Booooo

  • Boris

    There is some current pics of him whit a hairy chest… Just google his name

  • William

    Thanks for rhe great update on Aiden. Still love the Sex and the City connection. Oh yeah, for your listings under tags – he’s Aussie not British. Love the site, keep up the great work!


  • I am a huge fan of his previous film work. I totally didn’t recognize him though. This man looks good for his age. Even hotter now.

  • Travis

    He was a stud then and is a stud now…Sexy silver fox

  • babyboy

    Still Sexy…

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