A Note to All Photographers: Stop Making Man Corsets Happen

I have been a little occupied lately and a quick pot will hopefully gets you going for the day. When I need something quick, fast and easy to post, I can always rely on manwhores like British model and ex rugby player Thom Evans because these types of men will always have some sort of shirtless situations somewhere. In this case, Thom is being photographed by Daniel Jaems as part of F.Tape‘s “Obsession” series. Not sure about being obsessed (especially with that man corset), but I can tell you at least he’s not that obsessed with the razor. Perhaps it’s time for Beckham to step down the whore-throne?

Thom Evans Shirtless in Obsession Series

Thom Evans Shirtless in Obsession Series

Thom Evans Shirtless in Obsession Series

  • len

    Why does he have that “FUCK OFF” look on his face. He’s too UNAPPEALING!

  • lucky b
  • Nick

    @lucky b- That’s a nice pic if it’s real, but the American in me is always a little turned off by a uncut penis. Anyway he’s hot, and is killing Beck’s at the moment.

  • michael

    he is a really handsome guy. and quite the nice un-airbrushed basket going on there. just wish he was “whiter”. i mean, tan is nice but i think its being taken to an extreme with him.

  • Mike

    Hmmm, oddly, he does nothing for me. Oh, well.

  • lordy

    i personally like the “fuck off” stare…it challenges me to go up and tickle him, right behind the balls…

  • Josh

    I have to agree with Len — this “look” is SO overdone in male photography today and the brooding, fuck-off look doesn’t do anything at all for me either. Just makes him blend into the background and unattractive to me too. Sorry, this guy’s not pushing any buttons.

  • Steve

    Right, the “look” in Josh’s avatar is much more attractive than the frown on Evans. However, I can’t deny that Evans has one fantastic set of abs. The “corset” thing doesn’t bother me on him — though it would look ridiculous on someone who needed it for shaping purposes.

  • rodthehorny

    he looks perfectly fine and that bulge goes along, i love it.

  • Rob-Bear

    Haters are always gonna hate, thank you for proving me right ‘gentlemen’

  • skeleton

    man that bulge sure is sexy

  • Phil

    OMG I just creamed myself without even touching my dick!!!…

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