Built to Last

Some men are born to lead, and some, like Scott Higginbotham here (via Mostly Redheads Tumblr) are born to play rugby and naturally end up on this site. I have a soft spot in my already overcrowded libido for big and tall gingers who are built like trucks, so Scott Higginbotham is just perfection. He might not be as pretty as some of his fellow Aussie rugby players – but this one has that special caveman take-me-now-damn-you kind of hotness found in very few men out there. Perhaps a month in 2013 calendar could justify that?

  • Sammy

    I’m in love.

  • John

    Very impressive lad, albeit not as lean or hirsute as perhaps most of your featured men. Consider the biceps, as flexing in the second shot of the series (not counting the first one twice). And he seems to have a pleasant enough disposition. I like the smile in the 5th photo. My only concern is that when he stops playing rugby all that beef will turn to fat.

  • ESA


    That man is pure sex on a stick. Outta my way, bitches! *%$#@!

  • Ryan Gannon

    Wow, I actually think the word perfect could genuinely be used here. That picture of him the water, wow.

  • Rob-Bear

    God look at his broad shoulders!!! I can totally see my ankles resting upon them

  • Jack

    Frankly, I looked lower in the 5th frame than his smile. Please allow me the fantasy that the bulge in his short really IS his dick. Yeah, I know, highly unlikely, but can you just imagine…

  • John

    OK, having watched the men’s volleyball team crush Brazil just now, I have already forgotten about Scott. My new idea of Most Hottest Athlete is Russell Holmes, 6 ft 9 inches of male perfection. I hope that Square can find us some good pix of him.

  • Ive got him on my radar. Damn, you gotta love Aussie rugby players.
    That’s what I love about this country. I wish I could see more of this out on the streets of Sydney, tho.


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  • Nick

    He’s cute, but just too damn big. Like someone else said, once he stops playing all the beef is gonna turn into fat. It’s tragic really.

  • Rob-Bear

    Gotta love the bitchy fickle gays among us to judge a big hunk like this with pure jealous comments. Are you built like a brick shithouse with amazing rippling muscles and 0% body fat? Or are you a pasty and podgy queen scoffing down a cream cake while your sausage fingers mash at the keyboard to vent your obvious bitterness!

    Who’s to say what he’ll look like once he retires, but why write him off now as a fat has-been? Can’t you enjoy the hotness that’s been posted for our pleasure? That’s the truly tragic part

  • ESA


  • PaZa

    Yeeow! Don’t know why I love the ginger so much. For me it’s either redheads or latins. Like my taste in alcohol- either a scotch drinker or a lovely port. (Yes, I am manly and a sissy at the same time.)

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