Catching Up with The Olympics

Like Tom Daley’s barely there speedos, I’m trying to keep it short and sweet today. Here’s the actual promotional poster for London Olympics 2012 in different versions. Well, not really but don’t pretend you’re watching the diving event for the actual dives. One day when you’re sitting on your old saggy ass in a wheelchair (or airchair if your pension can afford it) watching reruns of “True Blood” on Yesterday channel and someone mentioned the London Olympics, you will immediately think of these shots. They have been unknowingly tattooed at the back of your brain. Tom Daley might came fourth in real life, but he’ll always be number one in the crotchlympics of your wet dreams.


Tom Daley in London Olympics 2012

  • len


  • joey


  • joey

    That’s how a speedo is worn!!!

  • Nick

    He looks great, but c’mon that thing can’t be comfortable lol

  • Jack

    What amazingly kissable lips. Ok… and other parts too.

  • Andrew

    Oh god. This boy is beautiful.

  • Sylvester

    If you like your divers hairy, then you need to check out US diver Nick McCrory.

  • Beautiful.

  • maur

    ok guys i really love when guys in pics dont let u have to guess their best position 😉 last pic looooooooooooooooooooollllllllll

  • LooneyMan

    For some reason, this year I was addicted to the Olympics. I watched it everyday- and not just the more popular sports. I watched the finals of the platform dive which Daley performed and took bronze and they interviewed him afterwards. His voice is magnificent. Just thought I’d throw that out there. 😀

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