Derek Theler’s Deforestation Needs to Stop Now

Before it gets out of hand and the roots are dead, let me be the first to launch the STOP DEREK THELER’S DEPILATION campaign – because where else can you overreact and freak out about body hair? I’ve only seen him in “Baby Daddy” before assuming that one is naturally smooth but upon further investigation it is clear that Derek has the potential to be gloriously hairy and might set him apart from all other manufactured Hollywood ken dolls. Here are some of his pre-shaved shots prior to the series – hard to take in, I know. They need to bring back glory to Derek’s chest!

Derek Theler Shirtless

Derek Theler Shirtless

Derek Theler Shirtless

Derek Theler Shirtless

  • Daz

    main reason i watch Baby Daddy! what a gorgeous man!

  • sparks

    Quick! Someone steal his razors!

  • Bob E

    His chest is red from all the assaults.

    I don’t think that guys realize that a lifetime of shaving

    their face and other areas will cause them to end up with

    very thick follicles that can scrub out a lasagna pan and when

    they turn grey, you can use them to remove old paint from

    furniture. I saw this first hand with my Dad and it wasn’t

    pretty and my Mom hated it.

  • Ridiculous to have that delicious hairy armpit and trim the rest of his body.

  • michael

    i dunno, i think he’s right up there with the most beautiful men on the planet.

  • Roman

    He should stop biting his nails.

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