Green Lantern Doesn’t Suck That Bad After All

Ryan Reynolds Shirtless in Green Lantern

With all its hope and promise, trust me I’ve tried to watch “Green Lantern” twice but only ever made it about 20 minutes in before my short attention span syndrome kicked in. All is not lost after all, with these very shirtless behind the scenes shot featuring an unshaved Ryan Reynolds in minimal coverage capped by collegeboundnc at FM Forums. If they put this on for 2 hours instead of the actual mess – I’d sit through it without even blinking.

Ryan Reynolds Shirtless in Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds Shirtless in Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds Shirtless in Green Lantern

  • David

    Ryan Reynolds is so beautiful…..I still can’t get over how much he looks like my ex-partner….they could be brothers…..except I am sure that Ryan is a lot nicer than my ex…..LOL

  • looking good and loving seeing his little bulge

  • NICK

    Little being the optimal word

  • Todd

    LITTLE bulge?? come on…
    what’s about his amazing hairy chest??

  • Bro

    He looks amazing!

  • bcooper

    nice looking canuck

  • Kyle Michel Sullivan

    No, now, Nick, not nice. Your size queen is showing and not knowing if Ryan’s a shower or a grower. Not that I care. I could spend my life just caressing his hair and beautiful body; the dick is merely gravy.

  • FakeName

    Nice of the aliens who have never met a human before to preserve his modesty by keeping his panties on.

  • Eric

    Oh. My. God. I literally want to lick every inch of this mans body! That chest hair is absolutely perfection! Ryan Reynolds is absolute embodiment of sexy.

  • DoverDavid

    I bought the movie just for this scene. 🙂

  • My take on the Green Lantern movie (for anyone who cares): It should have spent more time focusing on the aliens (who are cool all by themselves with all kinds of bizarre and interesting back stories) and less time on Hal Jordan (an uninteresting stock character we’ve seen in a gazillion movies before).

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  • Todd

    There’s a scene at the beginning of the movie where he wakes up in bed with some woman, finds his alarm didn’t go off and he’s late, so he jumps out of bed wearing a pair of white briefs, as in tighty-whities with a fly front. He was delicious walking around for 10 seconds or so in that tight underwear — more revealing than what he’s wearing in the instant photos. I love Ryan Reynolds and the less he has on, the better, as far as I’m concerned.

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