Hello Again, Alex O’Loughlin (and Scott Caan)

I believe we all know too well that one doesn’t need a valid reason or has to explain one self to post a shirtless picture of Alex O’Loughlin. The third season of “Hawaii Five-0” will premiere next month and by the looks of things we can expect a healthy dosage of shirtlessness from him AND Scott Caan. Nothing will boost ratings than a shirtless still. Text book stuff. Thanks to Cindy for the heads up!

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Scott Caan Shirtless

  • sparks

    I will always think Alex is super hot, but he’s one of the actors I wish had stayed away from the tattoos.

  • They make the show so hot!!

  • Bro


  • Boris

    I wish they would make an episode where the three lead male actors would be shirtless from start to finish! (Daniel Dae Kim may not be hairy, but he is not chopped liver either!!!)

  • DoverDavid

    I want Scott Caan naked and in my bed!!

  • yum

  • DJ

    YUMMY! I would take both of them in my bed!

  • suzysoo

    ooh but Alex is just the perfect man. I hope that he’s shirtless every week this season.

    I don’t get why he can’t be? I mean they did it with Magnum. He’s living in hawaii for the love of all that is holy. He could walk around in nothing but swim trunks all day and no one would bat an eyelid.

    Come on CBS – up your game!

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  • Ben

    Alex from the neck down is hot but Scott is just too teenie weenie…

  • Nyles

    Oh Yes Very Much Looking forward to Year 3 of Hawaii 5-0 and more Alex -Daniel-Scott Skin Scenes throughout the Year.


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