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Lauri Tilkanen

According to my statistics, about 800 of you came from Finland last month so some of you bitches MUST be Finnish so this piece of deliciousness is dedicated to you. I’m not sure how popular Lauri Tilkanen is as an actor on a scale of Zac Efron to Talan Torriero – but he is so fine that he deserves a post here AND hopefully gain more (indecent) exposure. This is from his latest film “Härmä” capped by nosferatu at FM Forums. If you’re interested to dig deeper – watch an artsy clip of Lauri at his agency’s website and prepare to use that extra pair of panties in your bag. One of the caps might be a little risque but all bits were covered so proceed with caution.

Lauri Tilkanen

Lauri Tilkanen

Lauri Tilkanen Shirtless in Harma

Lauri Tilkanen Shirtless in Harma

Also, this is an interview for the said film and I think we all don’t have to understand Finnish because his eyes are doing the talking.

  • sparks

    He’s adorable. Definitely wouldn’t mind reading subtitles to watch him in a movie. 😉

  • He’s very delicious!

  • Jack

    Please sir, may I have more?

  • KarmaLysing

    Those eyes…

  • Mallory

    Great eyes. Rest isnt bad either, but baby those eyes are amazing

  • Martin

    Here’s one Finn! I check this site every week for some man candy!

    The actor is pretty unknown, and the movie flopped, but he sure is hot!

    • @Martin Thanks for posting! I kinda knew somehow he’s not the Finnish Zac Efron but we’re all right – he’s damn pretty!

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