It’s Time for a Stare-off

Nick Ballard Shirtless in The Glades

Being a hot piece like Nick Ballard here is hard – I mean, you will get people staring at you all the time. It’s getting out of hand sometimes, so naturally his shapely pecs and massive dark nipples are taking a revenge by staring back at you bitches – and in this stare off, they will always win! Nick is seen here in a recent episode of “The Glades” capped by Groopii. Although information on Nick Ballard is quite scarce, this one holds a special place in my nether regions  due to his Beemer-ish qualities.

Nick Ballard Shirtless in The Glades

Nick Ballard Shirtless in The Glades

Nick Ballard Shirtless in The Glades

Nick Ballard Shirtless in The Glades

  • He is a hunk-and-a-half, isn’t he? I really like this show, and more than just for Matt Passmore. Though having Matt on doesn’t hurt, doncha know.

    Being a Floridian, though, it’s fun to pick the occasional nits. And to celebrate when they do get it right. The Cassadaga one was especially funny.

  • Steven

    Yummy. Handsome faces and great pecs.

  • Starling

    Very nice. It looks like his shorts are about to fall off! I don’t think anyone would mind at all if that happened!

    @yagtaluda, love your picture of hottie James Marsters as Spike!

  • Mark

    His pecs and nipples are so perfect that they kinda look fake!

  • Jim Taylor

    Speaking of “Glades”, how about some pics of its star, Matt Passmore ? He’s another hunk who takes off his shirt as much as possible.

  • Eric

    What I wouldn’t give to have the chance to suck on those big, brown nipples!

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