Joe Manwhore-jello, Take Note

So the statues of David Beckham have finally been erected across America (along with other things, naturally) and these shots were released yesterday. I don’t know – they don’t really do much down there, look pretty much the same as the ones we saw earlier. Standard Photoshop job. Having said that, I’m digging the thick ‘stache look so since he’s a ‘trendsetter’ maybe more and more men will keep one? I would love the following to have it – Jason Sudeikis, Paul Rudd, Jon Hamm and John Krasinski (hoping he still exists). Thank you very much!

David Beckham Shirtless for H&M

David Beckham Shirtless for H&M

David Beckham Statue for H&M

David Beckham Statue for H&M

  • Nick

    I gotta be honest, David just isn’t doing it for me anymore. I was just bored looking at these.

  • Mark

    He has a pair of small and boring nipples!!They’re just too small to do everything with!

  • Chuck

    Looks like trailer park trash out of backwoods Lousyana. Blech!

  • Paquito

    It’s intriguing to me how this is probably the first pic I’ve ever seen of him where his chest isn’t shaved or waxed and, yet, I look at it and scratch my head at why he’d ever remove the few hairs he has. They’re almost imperceptible. Then again, if you’re into the shaved look, I guess you’d reason that because there are so few of them, they’re easy enough to remove if that’s what you prefer.

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