Long Jumping (Shirtless) Ginger Alert

By now you’ve probably seen or heard about Greg Rutherford, the British ginger Neil Patrick Harris who won the gold medal the other day who has since long jumped into our hearts. Well, we both know that you don’t come here to read about that again so naturally I’m giving you what you want and need – GREG RUTHERFORD SHIRTLESS. Both of these shots were made pre-Olympics by Bello Mag and photographer Alex Lambrechts but don’t worry, I’m sure Attitude and Gay Times are pulling each other’s hair over the cover rights at the moment.

Greg Rutherford Shirtless

Greg Rutherford Shirtless

  • would like to see greg bulge like Henrik Rummel has.

  • HugyBearMD

    Doogie Howser in red.

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    My thoughts exactly. Dougie Howser

  • len

    ginger hotness!

  • Nick

    Great body, but that’s about it. that face isn’t doing it for me.

  • KarmaLysing

    O.M.F.G. That’s it. I got nuthin’ else.

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  • Mallory

    VERY nice……

  • Ginger = hot.

    Enough said!

  • Lkb

    Fuck this guy hot, the things I would do to him. Hmmmm he is just far too easy on the eye. 🙂

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