Midweek Worship

Tim Tebow doesn’t do much to me (shocking, isn’t it) but I know he does A FUCKING LOT to other people so here’s the New York Jets quarterback in the latest issue of American GQ showing a lot of pits and doing the “worship me bitches” pose. Naturally, the cover has no shirtlessness to cater to its 5% straight men demographics, of course.

Tim Tebow Shirtless in GQ Magazine

Tim Tebow Shirtless in GQ Magazine

  • Autechre

    Douchey closet case.

  • Studhunter

    Not that I would kick him out of bed. But this Christlike Pose that seems to be making a Stir makes me sick! Get off the Cross Tebow, Somebody needs the Wood!

  • David

    You have to admit though that he has GREAT PITS!!!

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    He has a deer-in-the-headlights stare, and then he’s being crucified. Such imagery.

  • Paul

    Oh, is that supposed to be Christlike? Looks more ballerina-like to me. I find him attractive and it’s clear he has built a great body. Maybe one day he’ll be famous again. 🙂

  • Nick

    You can’t look at these pictures and tell me this man isn’t gay, and I have to agree with Square he just doesn’t do anything for me.

  • Badwolf

    He’s a good looking guy, with a decent body, but the last pic makes him look kind of empty… Makes you wonder what’s going on inside other than christianity and football…

  • Boris


  • Matt

    He is so my type!I just wanna lick him!Yeah I know he’s a good christian but I also have the feeling that he can go both ways.Still in the closet of course and probably would never come out but my gaydar is pretty high on this one!

  • Eric

    Not really my type, but you can’t deny that he has some amazing pits! Love them!

  • What would you do if Tim Tebow came to visit you.

    I would cook for him and tell him to go to bed 🙂

  • Mark

    Dime store nips. Yuck.

  • KerryB

    Fat, ugly & stupid. A HUGE douchebag!

  • cutler

    he is so hot, just too bad he has to open that mouth. guess that’s what ball gags were made for

  • Mallory

    Hes alright looking but I believe hes in love with himself. And just because the photographer suggests you pose like that Tebow, shouldn’t your conscience have told you not to?

  • I think he’s hot. Great bod and excellent pits.

  • Rick G

    His self righteousness is a turn off. No appeal at all…

  • Blue

    wow! his pits are really hairy! now I’m really liking him!!!!!!

  • david


  • tommy5677

    Too bad he’s a right wing religious nutbag. That about does it for me.

  • Baseball 12

    All the critics below ….. lol! They know and I know, they’d jump in the sack with him if he knocked on any one of their doors tonight! I don’t care about his politics or his religion – he’s got a cock, an asshole, a mouth, and he’s absolutely hot enough physically. I’d tap it, no problems. Not looking to marry the guy, ya know. Put a cock in his mouth and get busy, nothing to listen to.
    Do the duty and show him the door. Next!

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