More Chad Sanders, Of Course

My readers are the best – they put up with my crazy shit, patient when I’m lazy and willing to lend a hand when it comes to stalking discovering hot mens. I know it’s tacky as hell but you guys are really awesome. Here are some shots of my latest obsession, mustache god Chad Sanders, you know – the breakout star of “Where the Bears Are” (according to me) untrimmed courtesy of my new best friend Rob. Although the furrier the better is my motto in life – I prefer him with a concentrated thick one just like in the series. Also, watch the interview featuring – you guessed it, the obligatory stripping thanks to Eric.

Chad Sanders

Chad Sanders

  • Tim

    Kind of reminds me of Treat Williams

  • a shame he trims

  • bo_s

    absolute cuteness!

  • bcooper

    so hawt

  • JeffAT

    I agree that’s one smokin’ Smokey!

  • David Hollingsworth

    So hunky, and adorable!

  • Jack

    Just one word…. WOOF!

  • Bro

    This guy is amazing!

  • mfarris70

    Really over the ironic glasses look. Thanks, Terry Richardson.

  • Jason

    Looks a lot like Dillon casey w/ a mustache in some pictures.

  • bubba

    he’s hot, but Ian Parks is the hottest one in the series, by far!

  • That’s a hot piece of candy.

  • lordy

    boner material

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