Oh Hej There, Bjorn Barrefors

Now we shift our focus on Bjorn Barrefors, Swedish decathlete who didn’t make it to this year’s Olympics. I know for a fact that after this post he will be a frontrunner in the Olympics of your crotches. It’s hard to describe how hot this guy is – it’s like a lot of genetically gifted guys had a massive orgy and out come Bjorn on the finest day of the year. Here’s hoping we’ll see him again in some sort of a naked / shirtless ad campaign somewhere. Internet is really a powerful thing, so anything is possible!

  • Rob-Bear

    Hot hot hot! Now those are some tasty Swedish meatballs! This is a guy who knows how to fill a leotard nicely.

    And In before all the snide comments too!

  • Ouch!

    Bless you Square, I got an erection just by looking at these…

  • Jack

    “Touch-a Touch-a Touch me, if feels SO good to Touch me!”

  • Jim

    Very hot. I’d love to slowly unpeel that singlet off of him.

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Nice bulge. He can shove his discus down my throat anytime

  • florida33771

    Hot Guy. Hope to see more of him in the future.
    Some photographer should grab him.

  • What a nice Bulge Bjorn Barrefors has

    he looks very fit

  • michael

    id really like to say, “gosh, hes so good looking” but my god, that man can fill those shorts. if thats what sweeden has to ofter, IM SO OUTA HERE…

  • DoverDavid

    Ah the few, the proud, the Olympic crotches!!

  • Phil

    I wonder just how many um feet he can shoot his ‘discus’ 😉

  • Josh

    Christ – Just imagine if he and Alexander Skarsgard got together and made babies, what they’d look like when they grew up!

    Ah hell, who am I kidding? I just wanna watch him and Alexander Skarsgard get together and TRY and make babies! Can you imagine??!

  • wildmanjesse1

    I wanna suck his package

  • florida33771

    Who wouldn’t want to suck on his package ?
    He needs to be man-handled.

  • Wow.

  • RupertBare

    Wow his crotch!!!!!! His face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! + like all men, a slut!!!!!!! Thank fuck for that, eh?????

  • Bob

    Does anyone know of some more recent photoes of Bjorn?

  • David

    I’d lick that uniform off of him to the bone.

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