Say Yes to Yordan Yovchev!

Can I get an amen on that? It must be my birth week or something since we’re moving from one of my favorite thing to another (that’s mustaches to silver foxes for the rest of you)! Yordan Yovchev is a 39 year old Bulgarian gymnast (via Joe My God) and he is blessed with the gift of salt and pepper. Yes he shaves his armpits and yes he’s shorter than average but who cares? The cuteness surpasses all that. Besides, he can answer your call whenever and by whenever I mean, WHENEVER.

Yordan Yovchev Shirtless

Yordan Yovchev Shirtless

Yordan Yovchev Shirtless

  • Daz

    oh hell yea!!!!

  • Eff yes. I spotted this hot piece during the Olympics, too.

  • Servonut

    That’s a resounding yes from me as well!

  • Matt

    Hairless body and a pair of luscious big dark nips!Yup,he’s definitely my type!

  • Bob E

    Absolutely YES
    yes yEs, YEs, yES
    Where is that box of tissues?

  • handsome, but I noticed a lot of Europeans in different events with shaved pits. God bless the USA men for not shaving theirs!

  • len


  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Si. Si. Si.

  • Wowzers!

  • wpb30635

    Dayam! That bod deserves more than a one syllable reaction.

  • Bro


  • Willy

    Thanks for this post. I spotted him but didn’t catch his name. What a MAN. His guns are stunning but they are cock blocking in that one photo! That’s the only time you’ll hear me complain about stunning guns,

  • lordy


  • rodthehorny

    i will lick his pitt then his nipples and finally down to his uhhm you know what i mean :))) and yeah i can rim his ass too LoL

  • David Hollingsworth

    What a handsome hunk!

  • scott aka jeep_driver

    not a big olympics fan but sure did get OFF on dannell leyva. having gr8 dreams of him and his muscular tongue….as for jordan from vulgaria he is sweet for sure. the announcers (bart conner and i’m not sure who the lady was sharing the duties) mentioned that yordan only trains and participates in that one event nowadays, that being the rings

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